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Did anyone actually have a hard time during the no bloodlust weekend?

ZachcjjjZachcjjj Member Posts: 452

I cant lie by far one of the most annoying things in dbd is dying to some bloodlust 3 trillion killer that just gets handed the win because they are to stubborn to chase someone else and get 17000% speed and don't get me wrong i understand why they still have bloodlust its a bit of a noob helper and there are certain situations where the maps are extremely unbalanced and you kind of need it but i seriously cant remember the last time i bloodlusted someone that wasn't a meme, at the most my bloodlust 1 JUST activates when i down someone. So my question here is did anyone who is actually semi decent at the game notice a difference during no bloodlust weekend because personally i remember it being the exact same and i would not be mad if they just took bloodlust out of the game and then maybe even buff pwyf as a bit of an alternative?



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