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'Stay As Team' Post game lobby option?

ValikValik Member Posts: 1,243

Post Game Lobby needs a lot of work. While we can talk about what is best, who here thinks that there should be an option to return to matchmaking as a team?

There are plenty of times where strong teams are broken up at the end - and sometimes it's uncomfortable to have to send friend requests just to que up with good teammates.

Do you want to see a 'Stay As Team' option in the Post Game Lobby to re-que with those who opt in?

'Stay As Team' Post game lobby option? 22 votes

Yes! That would make the game a lot more engaging for me.
TapeKnotValikUndershotNoName4FlameGNGGuiltiiHexDevourAvocadoAurelledeKlaw_04evancalgaryGorillaWithAGun 11 votes
Eh. It doesn't really effect me either way.
RoboMojodugmanPSPWarpheadTrickstaaaaaBennett_They1ThemGarlicRice 7 votes
No! That will break the game and here's why...
shinobu149 1 vote
I honestly couldn't care less if I tried.
anonymous31337GazgemauchMastatoe 3 votes


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