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Killers have lost the instinct to check for window techs

I've noticed something funny lately and that is that back in the day or not even really that long ago tbh window techs were super easy and every decent killer knew to do a little moonwalk after vaulting to check but its been so long since they were super easy that no killers ever check when you do it with a key or clairvoyance nowadays. So any big juicer survivors out there that wanna switch up their build run clairvoyance even tho it has fallen from glory its still funny to window tech killers with and actually pretty effective


  • MonsterInMyMindMonsterInMyMind Member Posts: 2,744
    edited February 21

    I mean that's because 99% of the Survivors fake doing a second vault because Killers haven't seen that 100000000000 times or anything. So it's not surprising when it works as most Survivors fake vaults.

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