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D/C because of map offering

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Trust me, I get it. But consider that a map offering is not always a strategy or an abusive map/loadout combo, sometimes people just get bored of the maps they're receiving and want to play in a certain realm.

I got tired of seeing Midwich every 2 games today and decided to use a map offering for a realm I thought would be refreshing and relatively balanced, so I picked Crotus Penn. I attempted to use the offering twice and both times, the killer task manager'd on me. Maybe it's karmic retribution for the lobbies I've dodged, but what the hell does the killer think I'm gonna do on Crotus Penn? If I wanted to be a dick, I'd use Ormond or Gideon Meat Plant.

Point is, consider what you know about the map being offered before you dodge; because if it's not an obvious survivor playground, there's a good chance that the user is just wanting to play a realm they haven't seen in a while.

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