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Should Temple of Purgation be moved to Forsaken Boneyard

GloamGloam Member Posts: 598

Credit to Pixel Bush for floating the idea.

Basically just what the title says do you think when the time comes for temple to get it's update it should be moved to the boneyard? Personally I've always found that this big Sumerian temple being in a rainy eastern European forest to be just a tad too off for me and to see it in a desert setting where it belongs would be great to see. I think it would sort of complete Plague in a way and she would be in a place that suits her character rather than feeling like the entity just snatched this temple and plague out of space and just plopped them in the first realm it thought of.

I know it's probably unlikely and the temple is staying right where it is but maybe if BHVR sees the idea has enough support their minds could be changed about it because it could for sure be done it's more just convincing them it's worth doing.


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