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Sadako alterations

I got a fair amount of hours in on sadako with the pts build inculded I thinck sadako is sitting in a nice bottom middle ground at the moment that could do with just a couple of tweaks.

TV - take to long to turn back on and should be a bit faster as turning them of shuts down her power all together

TV - thinck the projection lundge should last just a smile longer

TV- placements are wierd and to random this is my biggest grief that can really mess you over if there no where near gens or absolutely random, should be more coherently placed, after all once a TV leaves a gen its near useless unless chase goes the right way

DeManifesting - it's wierd that survivors can go through you ? Thinck should allow blocks still, or even better the abilities to go through pallets, this would not be as OP as it sounds as she CAN NOT attack whilst demanifested, this give her the small boost to chase she may need

Height - it's near impossible in some matchs to see what the hell we are doing especially in tall grass or crates, I thinck her height should remain the same but first person camera needs to come up a smige

Thinck rest is quite fair for now un-till we explore further


  • SmoeSmoe Member Posts: 630

    Good post, only thing I disagree with however is allowing killer to bodyblock while demanifested.

  • CameragoshaCameragosha Member Posts: 630

    Give her able go to through wall.

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