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The Spirit Change Ideas

First of all: This isn't a " Nerf *ensert Killer here* " Post, this is just a idea that I have to change the experience against " The Spirit " as a Survivor.

Generally I think the balance of The Spirit is very well done, she is good in the right hands, but needs player experience. In my opinion she is like a weaker Nurse in the hand of a good player ( and good addons ). I started to play her for some weeks, she is not my favourite Killer, but also not a Killer, I would never enjoy to play like Cannibal, Freddy or Myers, because I'm a Billy/Trapper Main since 2016 with 2.600 hours.

On Survivor Side I don't really enjoy playing against her ( ** no I don't call her OP or unbalanced don't worry I have working brain cells** ), because of some issues which are common when playing against a Spirit.

Basically my problem with the Spirit are the animations which affect the Gameplay in a strong way.

First problem:

Spirit Vault Animation ( Killer POV ) : Casually jumps over the window
Spirit Vault Animation ( Survivor POV ) : Stops a the window, then dissapears and then is on the other side.

Why is it like this? I do not understand why she got a unpredictable vault animation. Yes, a strong mindgame Killer is cool when you play Killer, she definetly got the biggest mindgame potential of all Killers. I also really enjoy to mindgame Survivors as a Killer, but the Spirit " Mindgames " are not predictable as a Survivor ( you can guess 50/50 as a Survivor ) . You can't know if she is vaulting or not ( except the Killer stays too long on place ). I would give the Spirit a normal Vault Animation ( which she got from her POV ).

Second problem:

Spirit leaves her body when she is " phase walking " . Due to the Buff she received recently, you don't hear the Phase Walking sound while being in her terror radius. So how can you now know as a Survivor if she is phase walking? You can't know.
Due to this Buff, I think it would be better if the " Fake Body " of The Spirit disappears after 1-3 seconds when she is phase walking, so you can't get easily mindgamed by her if she is just standing still.

I would like to hear your opinion about about this topic and my ideas! Be critical, but also friendly if you have a different opinion :)

As I said, besides these two points I think Spirit is well balanced ( like Billy, Hag or Huntress ) , but I think changing these two animations would make the experience against a Spirit way more fun for everyone.

See you in the fog


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