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Myers House address error [PLEASE FIX BEFORE RELEASE]

HeyItsQuietHeyItsQuiet Member Posts: 259
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After the drop of the new Haddonfield map images, I really want to get word to the team that the numbers on the house are wrong, and are actually the street numbers for a replica Myers house in North Carolina.

A simple Google or watching Halloween 2 clearly indicates Michael's home address as 45 Lampkin Lane. The number on the house should simply be 45. That's lore accurate.

However, both DBD and Funko Pops have tacked the number 1520 onto their Myers houses. This number is the address to a replica Myers house in NC (and the owner of it is kind of a huge dicc who doesn't deserve to be an Easter egg in the game).

It just seems like someone googled the Michael Myers house and used the first image they saw rather than being accurate to the franchise. The house in the first film didn't even have numbers on the front, so omitting the numbers completely would also be better than having the wrong address.

Hopefully someone can get this to the design team so we can see the correct Myers house. <3

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