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In this release, we have included two tutorial levels (one for Survivor and one for Killer) that are designed to provide new players with an introduction to the basic mechanics of the game. They are both brief, linear experiences that allow the player to learn some of the skills required to play the game effectively, but in a safe, low pressure environment. Completing each of the tutorial levels will grant a number of Bloodpoints which will provide the means to purchase the first few nodes of a Bloodweb, and potentially gain a level or two. The Bloodpoints will only be granted for the first time the tutorial levels are completed, however, players may return at any time to replay the experience.
Please note, the tutorials do not provide an introduction to the perks or killer powers themselves. New players are encouraged to play live matches in order to learn these nuances to a deeper degree.


We understand that some players have found the new Emblem system difficult to adjust to. With this in mind, we have made several adjustments to the requirements of several of the more challenging emblems in order to make them easier to achieve, and bring the results closer to our intended outcome.
We will continue to monitor Emblem progression closely, and over the next few releases, incorporate further additions to the system in order to help with clarity and feedback on Emblem results.

NEW FEATURE: Player Level

For this release, we have implemented a Player Level which represents the amount of time you have spent playing the game. Playing games grants a certain number of Experience Points (XP), and XP contributes to increasing your player level.

XP is gained through:

  • Time played in a match
  • Highest Emblem quality at the end of a match
  • Bonus for first match of the day (for both, Killer and Survivor)

When you pass Player Level 100, you will gain 1 Devotion Level and your overall Player Level progression will reset to 1 – as will XP requirements and Iridescent Shard rewards. Each level of Devotion represents 100 Player Levels gained.

UPDATED FEATURE: Iridescent Shards

We have changed the way that you will acquire Iridescent Shards and what you can do with them. Each Player Level gained (see above) will reward a set amount of Iridescent Shards, which will allow you to purchase customization items, characters, or teachable perks in the in-game store.


Auric Cells are the new currency you will be able to purchase from the first party platforms. They will be used to unlock all characters (licensed and non-licensed) as well as used to unlock skins.
There are 5 packages of Auric Cells, available in June (500 for 5$USD, 1100 for 10 USD, 2250 for 20 USD, 4025 for 35 USD and 6000 for 50 USD) with the higher value bundles offering a better deal.

NOTE: DLCs will still be an option and for the same price. You'll get the killer, the survivor and an exclusive skin - all of this for a discounted price when compared to buying each component with Auric Cells

UPDATED FEATURE: Shrine of Secrets

The Shrine of Secrets will be disabled upon release of the new patch in order to be able to recalibrate the adjusted prices of Teachable perks on all platforms at the same time. The Shrine will resume as per normal once console users also have access to the new content and new Teachable perk prices.

The prices are as follows:

  • New Perks: 2700 Iridescent Shards (previously 750)
  • Old Perks: 2000 Iridescent Shards (previously 550)
  • The amount of Bloodpoints gained has also been adjusted to match the change in Iridescent Shards cost.

  • New Perks: 200,000 Bloodpoints (previously 250,000)

  • Old Perks: 150,000 Bloodpoints (previously 200,000)
  • The Shrine of Secrets has been moved to the store.

Iridescent Shards log in bonus

Starting with the 2.0.0 update up until July 31st players who log in the game will be rewarded a one time 1800 Iridescent Shards bonus!

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