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Released March 30th: The Stomping

TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 906

The wannabe movie (thread) title describes my experience today. Here are the details.

Canada West Coast

Queue times were great on both killer and survivor.

Solo queue was hard; out of 10 games I escaped 3 times and, of those times, once I was given hatch by a Twins player. I know, the most amazing thing is I actually saw the Twins. I gave Victor a head pat for thanks and, unlike the previous Twins player I saw I was not facecamped for it. Thank you random Twins player! If not for the Twins player I would have had a 20% escape rate.

Killer match on my main was normal. For a weaker M1 killer I played the Doctor and I stomped for the first time in the test. Only one group out of eight (the last group for the day) gave me a challenging game and everybody else was generally a 3K, give Hatch to last situation. In a couple games, a couple survivors asked for mercy and I gave it

Overall, the day was okay, not great, since it was really hard as solo survivor, too easy most games as killer but at least some of the matches were fun.

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