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Myers House Still Not Changed.

HeyItsQuietHeyItsQuiet Member Posts: 259

Prior to Haddonfield being released, I posted a thread about the numbers on the main house and why they should be removed or changed to either 45 (in-film address) or 707 (the numbers seen on the abandoned house used in the film):

The post had the attention of fog whisperer Paulie Esther who commented on it, and under one of my comments on one of his YouTube videos, he said he sent it up to devs himself.

PTB is out and the house numbers haven't changed. It just looks lazy for the team to put someone's real life house number on the Myers home, when it's not accurate to the film, and therefore, not accurate to the chapter lore.

I've already done all the work and research for you in the prior thread and explained what numbers should be on the house and why, with photo references to the film.

Be better than Funko Pop and be true to the license instead of basing the house off the first Google image search result. It may not be noticable to some, but to diehard Halloween fans who know the history and details of the franchise, things like this matter.

Hopefully the map team can see this and fix it before full release. Haddonfield looks great otherwise and y'all did a good job. Thanks, guys.


  • CyberianFauxCyberianFaux Member Posts: 206

    Let's hope they see this and implement the address change. They may have just not remembered to update it or were told by the license holder they couldn't use the actual address so I definitely wouldn't get too angry about this change not being done just in case.

  • HeyItsQuietHeyItsQuiet Member Posts: 259
    edited April 5

    Not angry at all, they did a great job on the map from what I can see <3 It would just look better for the chapter and license as a whole. It's possible they haven't seen it, so I hope with it now in the PTB feedback section they will!

    Edit: didn't see the other part but I'm sure they'd be able to make changes on the house since there is an official address in-universe. If anything it would save them the trouble in case the dude who owns the copycat house with the 1520 decides to come after them for having his house in the game lol

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