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Fairly relaxed day but too many DCs

TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 923
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For my survivor matches, I had 6 today. I escaped in four, was sacrificed in two but in one of the two there was an early DC. I was found and chased early in nearly all matches but my teammates were, minus the DCer, all pretty good (as witnessed by the fact I didn't pip up at all since gens and unhooks were all done so efficiently that there wasn't enough to do to get a pip at Iri).

For my killer matches, I had a 2K 2E on Artist. This was a 3 person SWF that knew what they were doing and played a Game offering. I main Artist but this was my hardest match and the SWF was fun to play against (good, non-toxic players).

I played three games on the Twins. I 3Ked and gave hatch on one. For the other two, I had early DCs and farmed the survivors and let them go. Both would have been 4Ks but they asked for mercy and were polite and I gave it.

I played one game as the Onryo. I had two looping 'gods in their own mind' I slugged in the first 30 seconds and they DCed. One person gave up on hook and I gave the remaining person hatch.

So far, the most enjoyable games were the Artist game and the first Twins game since I got to have good matches. There were too many DCs in my other matches. I have today off so I might play later on in the evening since evening is normally more difficult than the day where I am and I'm curious if the time of day will make a difference (or reduce the DCs).


  • WarpheadWarphead Member Posts: 623

    I've had a lot more than usual, but I'm ok with it. I love it when a survivor that deserves zero points gets zero points.

  • TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 923
    edited April 8

    I did end up playing two more Twins games in the evening. No more DCs thankfully. One was a 4E but that was because I made a mistake (when a Sabo person would go for a hook I tried to make it for another hook leaving me vulnerable to a body block. I should have dropped the carried survivor immediately and downed the Saboteur). Still enjoyable though.

    The other game was a 4K. I would have given hatch but, at the end of the game, one survivor let the best looper on the team one hook. Once that happens, I normally don't give hatch.

    Both games were pretty relaxed and enjoyable. Overall, I had a high escape rate in solo queue as survivor and a high kill rate as killer.

  • Vyne456Vyne456 Member Posts: 839
    edited April 8

    People who dc are careless. If you're a good Twins or Blight Main they just dc. My sister is good at huntress and there was three dcs since they don't wanna play against a good main. I was in a match playing as Onyro and then they just dced. At least I get more bloodpoints for people who dc and sucks to me them.

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