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Hex: Haunted Ground Buff?

ValikValik Member Posts: 1,243

It's a very, very strong perk in its own right.

60 seconds is a good chunk of time to remain exposed to the killer, only a singular hit will place your healthy buttocks onto the ground - loathing the day you made fun of the Spirit's hair style.

But, we've all been there.

An entire match, the totem doesn't even get cleansed.

It gets cleansed, but everyone hides and it goes to waste.

You're in the middle of your chase, just hit a survivor for their first health state and - bam - it's up. If you chase the injured survivor and work through their dead hard, by the time you down them and start another chase, you may not even see value from the perk!

Even worse, when the totem fires up and everyone is injured.

Or - the worst of them all - when you're considering bringing it on a special attack killer and realize it has no true benefit. Why bring it on Demogorgon if Shred doesn't trigger Exposed? It's useless on Huntress - pretty terrible on Trickster. And if you plan on using the Bubba chainsaw, why are you even bringing the perk in the first place?

We've all been in those places where the perk does nothing but give us a few shiny bones for a little bit.

Or even worse, cluttering up our perk screen on killers we will NEVER bring the perk along with.

How do we solve this?

Maybe it would be as simple as a 5% movement speed reduction on afflicted survivors, maybe it's a different status.

Maybe there's a rework that can make it attractive on non-M1 killers and viable against injured teams.

Does this trap card even need a change? Does it deserve a buff - or does it need a nerf if anything?

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