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Is MMR off?

I'll provide feedback on my games in the appropriate thread after but, so far, my games as both survivor and killer are weird. The killers I've run into as survivor are much better than normal and, as only M1 killers that should be at low MMR, each survivor group I've run into has an average of 11 to 12 meta perks spread out over the four survivors (approximately 3 each on the average.) They're all also obviously quite experienced with map layout and looping which is what I normally see on my main but not on killers I don't see very often.

Honestly, it feels more like it's based off of my grade today (Iri 1 on both) than MMR. Anyone else feel this way so far today?


  • StroggzStroggz Member Posts: 178

    Iri 3. It feels like it based of grade than MMR. Only purple meta perks, good loopers etc.

  • VolczVolcz Member Posts: 682

    I think I got worse quality so far. Running a pinhead for 3 gens, don't get saved, prio a gen over saving me, then the 3 of them go down too.

    Or having a Steve on your team who just crouch walks everywhere while the 3 others do all the work, and he somehow makes it out.

    Going against a Ghostface who misses almost every other attack and tunnels & camps 1 person to death. And when I'm able to save them, they don't struggle and die right as I'm bout to unhook them.

    Or 3 teammates who don't touch gens for the first 4m of the match, then get caught in 10-15 seconds each. One of them just slow walking around a tractor.

    Those have been my matches so far today.

  • Lost_BoyLost_Boy Member Posts: 154

    Yeah definitely feels like it's being graded differently. Had about 6 games earlier tonight and faced multiple SWF in a row. Coordinated body blocking, flashlight saves, gens popping fast, good loopers, multiple meta perks. Kinda boring and annoying when you just want to have a few games with random killers and perks. Feels like I need to play with strong killers and builds if I want to get 3-4k & play sweaty, which I can't be bothered doing for every game these days.

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