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The TTVs Attack!

TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 906

This is sort of what I felt like I was facing today. I normally play pretty chill without meta perks on most but, holy, did today make me regret that. TTVs, SWFs, gens popping faster than Orville Redenbacher's wildest dreams and blink and you miss it heals abounded. Anyway, the results of my matches:

Survivor: 33% escape rate. No meta perks ran. The killers were significantly better than the ones I normally face.

Killer results. I ran two matches of each killer mentioned and, also, can I get a button to not get TTVs. Seriously, over 70% of my matches had at least one TTV in them. In addition, there was an average of 3 meta perks per survivor no matter whether I was playing a killer I'm not that decent at or not. Final note, I don't kill anyone before the fifth hook normally so I stuck to that.

Winning Matches: The Huntress (3 kill average) and nobody else! This could of have been because I was so frustrated at this point I ran Iri Hatchets, Soldier's Putte and an Ebony Mori.

Ties (2 kills averaged between both matches): Legion, Doctor

A straight loss!(1 kill averaged between each match): Artist (this was surprising to me since I main Artist but both matches were against TTV SWFs that played The Game offering)

Commiserating in the Well from Embarrassment! (0.5 kills averaged): The Onryo and the Pig!

Super toxic survivors today as well. I got BMed and tbagged more today in one day than I normally see in a month.

On the flip side, the killers I versed as survivor were actually pretty decent. There was quite a bit of tunneling (hard and soft) but only one killer camped in six matches.

Overall, the survivor games were fun. The killer games made me feel like asking for a Xanax prescription.

Verdict: I'm not a fan of today. It was way too stressful as killer and the survivors were way too toxic. I play to relax; not stress out more. I like mid MMR play; not high.


  • Bubble0sevenBubble0seven Member Posts: 101

    what has ttv'ers got to do with the mmr system just wondering.

  • KillmasterKillmaster Member Posts: 419

    Correlation being that someone who streams the game is more likely to play it often and be good at it. Before crossplay and mmr if you were in red ranks the killer or survivors were almost guaranteed to have ttv in the name every game.

  • Jay_KJay_K Member Posts: 146

    I wouldn't 100% agree with this. Yes someone with TTV in there name will play the game but anyone can put TTV in their name. Every time i get a TTV in my lobby i check if they are live (as i have no interest going against a 4 man sweat squad). So many "TTV" players don't even stream they simply put TTV in their name just because they own an account (never streamed on that account before).

    One thing i will say that has kinda ruined this test is some streamers have taken advantage of the bad matchmaking to make it even worse.

    As an example

    Otzdava done a sweaty streak because he knew it would be easier (not exactly fair for survivors when they are newer/less experienced)

    Lilith Omen spent time trying to get a world record blight kill as it would be easier with baby survivors (couldnt get it because RNG said no on cobys)

    After checking out a few other lesser known streamers i also saw that they were just going full sweat to finish the games as fast as they could.

    This kinda ruins the fun of dead by daylight and causes incosistant results for some players.

    Not saying the test is a good test but just saying why some TTV players are kinda ruining the tests because they changed how they played so much to get easy wins.

    Behaviour should have put an announcement out especially to their fog whisperers asking them not to change their play style at all and to continue as normal.

  • VirtuaTyKingVirtuaTyKing Member Posts: 226

    TTV doesn't always mean good.

  • Jay_KJay_K Member Posts: 146

    Correct. Evidenced by a couple of games last night that the TTV was for a lack of better way to say it...trash XD

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