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Running Commentary!

TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 906

Since this is a shorter test today and I've been busy for most of the day I'm going to provide some running commentary.

Rule 1: When I say survivor meta perks, I'm referring to UB, DS, DH, IW, BT and CoH.

Rule 2: I will play normally so no survivor dies before five hooks.

Round One:


Bubba's Got A Big Old Booty!

Obviously from eating all those survivor puddings (which was played). Bubba, unfortunately, did not camp. I say unfortunately because we maybe could have completed a dignity gen if Bubba did camp. Damn, son, chew your food before swallowing it next time please.

My build: WGLF, BK, Empathy and DS. Took a brown med kit. McMillan Estate.

Result: Lots of altruism points, 0 gens done, 4K for Bubba. Everybody else was Gold IV.

(Artist) The Meta Strikes Back!

After yesterday's abysmal matches I ran BBQ, PR, DMS, Call of Brine, Severed Hands, and the Oblivious bell. 11 meta perks on the survivor side and all are Iri 1?? Uniformity on the grades.? Red Forest.

Result: 4K for the Artist at 2 gens left and some healing from the bruising she took yesterday.

Less than minute queue times on both.


  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,428

    You could maybe provide your "level" of experience (hours ballpark, roles you play, ...) ?

  • TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 906

    Sure, I play about 60 to 70% killer; the rest solo queue. I started about a month before the shift to grades from the old ranking system. My hours are somewhere over 500+ hours. I don't know exactly as I will often get called away to go do something and not shut down my game so my Steam hours probably aren't very accurate.

  • TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 906
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    Second Round

    (Survivor) Chariots, I mean Window Vaults, Of Fire

    Autohaven Wreckers against Pyramid Head. My build was WGLF, Lithe, Dance With Me, and WoO. The killer only had one hook by the time the gens were done and managed to get 1K only through NOED. Joking movie titles aside, I can't imagine this was a fun time for the killer. 3 Iri 1 survivors (including myself), 1 Iri 3 survivors, and an Iri IV killer.

    Result: 3E, 1K.

    (The Trapper) Backpack! Backpack!

    Swamp. My build was a meme build of Mad Grit, Iron Grasp, Agitation and Starstruck (hence the name) Oddly enough, this was probably my most entertaining game of this round of testing.

    Results: With memeing around with Trapper on the Swamp against a TTV I did not expect any kills and did not get disappointed. 4E but the game was a lot of fun. Everyone at Iri 1 except for one survivor at Iri 2.

  • TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 906

    Round Three!!

    (Survivors) DCers ain't got it going on!

    Huntress, McMillan Estate. My build was WGLF, Flashbang , Head On and Blast Mine. One survivor, well, didn't DC but got caught quickly and suicided on first hook. The Huntress was good and a lot of fun to play against. We got 4 gens done and I got Hatch.

    (The Trapper's Rise and Fall! (Well, mainly Fall).

    Red Forest. This game I took seriously to see how Trapper did today and ran BBQ and Chili(although the aura reading is crap on Trapper), Agitation, PR and Corrupt Intervention. I was against a 4 person SWF with three flashlights and one sabo (13 meta perks). It was actually pretty fun. I only got 4 hooks and 0K but it was fast paced, exciting, and they were not toxic at all. I dropped a lot of them and, at one point, had three slugged and one wounded but couldn't seal the deal due to really good plays on their part. Result: 4E but very fun.

  • TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 906

    Round Four!

    Survivor: She'll be tunneling when she comes!

    AutoHaven Wreckers versus a Hag. My build was WGLF, Flip Flop, PS and Tenacity so, of course, I run into a person covering their Hex: BF with Hex: Undying. Lots of camping and tunneling. 4K for the Hag with 1 gen left.

    The Onryo Returns

    The Swamp. Build was BBQ, PR, Call of Brine and Tinkerer with Iri Video Tape and the Ring Drawing. The Onryo might feel like showing her face in public again despite what happened yesterday; 3K and gave Hatch at 4 gens left. For her pride this would have been better if this group was comparable to the rest (only 6 meta perks and mainly fun perks). Unfortunately, I had no idea they weren't like the other survivor groups or I would have gone easier on them.

  • TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 906

    And that is the end of the test. I was hoping to get to Disco Ace but no such luck. So, 50% escape rate overall and 2 games of 4K each accompanied by 2 games of 4E each. The queues were good and most of the games were fun. Hope that's helpful.

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