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My Unpopular DbD Opinions

Here's some of my opinions that seem to get a strong reaction.

1. I like vsing Bubba and Myers (when Mikey brings the good stuff). They scare me which reminds me of how much fun beginning DbD was.

2. NOED hurts both survivors in the short term and killers in the long term.

3. NOED and DH are both used for the exact same reason; overpowered compared to other perks, low risk high reward, and have a low skill ceiling to get maximum effect.

4. The game should be rebalanced to make camping, tunneling and gen rushing all less effective. DbD is the most fun for the most people when there are multiple hooks and chases.

5. Nurse and Blight represent standards of effectiveness to which weaker killers should be buffed. At the very least, weaker killers should be buffed to be closer to Artist's and Spirit's level.

6. Solo survivors need information buffs to bring them closer to SWF level. Then killers can be buffed to SWF levels. I don't know if this qualifies as unpopular since the devs are planning this one but I put it in anyway.

7. It's okay to lose a game. It's not a big deal.

8. Most players will never be as good as someone like Otz who is naturally gifted and does this as their job. That's perfectly fine; people don't need to overly take pride or worry so much about their skill level in a video game. It's just a video game.

9. 50% of the frustration and complaints with Dbd would disappear if the developers would do things such as put a one second delay on the second crouch animation and remove flashlight macros.

10. There are legitimate complaints about gameplay for both the killer side and the survivor side.

How about yours?



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