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Iron Maiden is Meta. Discuss.

I mean, have you ever considered how unfair it is to Dwights and Claudettes? If they can't hide in lockers you have effectively eliminated their entire contribution to the team.

At least Claudettes can go hide in a corner or bush or a Nea can crouch walk all over the map but what about all the Dwight mains? They might as well go afk If you eliminate hiding in a locker as there's nothing else to do.

And, seriously, what's the counterplay to Iron Maiden? Not hiding in a locker? You ask too much my friend.

And what about when it's combined with BBQ and Chili? I mean the aura reading means you are only over 40 meters away. Maybe with the Exposed status Clown, for example, could run in your direction which would only give you a minimum of 10 seconds to hide and run somewhere else and a 75% chance of 20 seconds if you just randomly pick a cardinal direction and not run straight towards the killer. Plus any time you take to loop. That synergy is just so overwhelming. Besides, I prefer my killers to not move and just stare straight at a hook. It's more engaging gameplay.

And the sheer power of it? It's not like killers only have 4 perk slots and would have to choose between Iron Maiden and a couple of dozen other perks that could get you more value than Iron Maiden.

In short, Iron Maiden is totally OP. Please nerf it to the ground BHVR. The Dwights of the world thank you.


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