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Dragon's Grip Cooldown

Does anyone know why is dragon's grip cooldown so long!? 80 seconds is ridiculous for it to only affect one gen at a time. This even isnt including the first 30s after kicking the gen, the cooldown doesnt even start then. It wont start until either the first 30s past or a survivor touches the gen, so you could have a total maximum of 110 second cooldown for this perk.

Further more right after kicking the gen what's the likely chance the survivor will touch the gen right away once you leave, so in reality there's probably a 20s window for the survivor to touch the gen. And once survivors know you have the perk they'll either wait the 30s or if their injured they wont care and will touch it right away. Also with this being the exposed status effect, only basic attacks will work so this perks is ruled out or not as good on a decent amount of killers already.

I love using this perk on Deathslinger, but it needs to serious buffing or QOL. Here's some of my thoughts, doesnt need to be all these suggestions

  1. Lower the cooldown (not sure to what)
  2. have the cooldown start right away after kicking a gen
  3. Dont deactivate the perk when a survivor touches the gen, so basically multiple survivors can be affected if they touch it within the 30s time frame
  4. Change the perk somehow and make it similar to "call of brine" and let it affect more then one gen at a time (I admit this would probably be to much, but still a thought I had)


  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,426

    sadly very long cooldowns is considered good balancing when all it does is kill the usage of an ok perk effect

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