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What should be the power standard for perks?

ZachcjjjZachcjjj Member Posts: 452

I think its obvious that the meta is stale for both sides, survivors have like 6-7 perks to go around killers have more range but it basically boils down to noed and slowdown and the only real way to fix this is to just absolutely stomp all the top perks into the ground and bring everything (excluding fun/memey perks) to a more middle level including addons and items but that's a different discussion, but what strength do you think perks should be? for me i would probably say lithe strength for exhaustion perks and maybe bond strength for other survivor perks. For killer perks its maybe a little more complicated but my general thoughts are that chase perks are fine where they are same with tracking perks but you cant just remove slowdown but it should definitely be changed to be more intuitive such as pain res and pgtw they reward you for playing well and getting downs and hooks and i would like to see other killer perks be changed to match that reward system type of perk. In a dream world map sizes would be fixed and the top meta perks will be nerfed to a more mid level and they would start introducing more fun chase/tracking perks for killer and more funny fun focused perks for survivor like they did in the re chapter with blast mine, flashbang and bite the bullet.

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