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Is pallet hit validation a thing again?

FoodntFoodnt Member Posts: 51

Just want to know of its still a thing and nothing new again


  • MB666MB666 Member Posts: 503
    edited April 24

    nothing new.

    I want a validation system for hits on windows and pallets to be honest. (dont get me wrong i hate the map design for the maps . they are busted for survivors but that doesnt mean that BS hits should exist to compensate)🤔

    since validation for pallets was added , definetly looping feel more fair for both sides , i remenber back when validation didnt exist , the amount of BS hits you could get was insane . but now feels like back to pre-dedicated server (peer to peer)

    sadly vaults are still BS if the killer had a higher ping.😐️ (as killer sometimes i get BS hits on windows/pallets that i didnt deserve and for survivor is the same thing i get hit from a mile away because the killer is lagging or had a bad connection)

    before validation was worst.

  • BrimpBrimp Member Posts: 1,533

    Remember pallet validation was supposed to "favor the person with the better connection to the server" but it sure as hell doesn't feel that way when I swing and I'm at the end of my animation then the survivor drops the pallet and gets away healthy while I know had better ping than them.

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