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One Very Glitchy Match

jaredlxxiiijaredlxxiii Member Posts: 623
edited April 28 in General Discussions

I have had several matches that have been fine overall then I got one in the map with the cornfield and everything went weird. I was playing as Sadako and I could attack when manifested or remanifested. Some of the pallets where up however the survivors could jump over them as if they were down and I couldn't move through them as if they were down however they visually were not down.

We all kept getting stuck and unable to moved for several seconds almost as if we were experiencing lag. Then we could start moving again. It was one weird match however didn't repeat on the second one so I am not sure how to duplicate it or submit it as a bug report since I don't know what caused it all. The following match worked fine. Anyone else have anything similar happen?

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