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Auras are too colourful

The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688
Yeah I notice everything in the game looks different. It's strange but nice.

I feel like the auras are too "strong" though. I use Bond and before the auras were a nice mellow green, now it's extremely bright and like looking at the sun.

Also it makes it a little harder to tell the character from the aura if you know what I mean.


  • FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 109

    It's the opposite when playing Freddy. The sleeping Survivors' auras are so faint you mistaken them for being awake still.

  • laKUKAlaKUKA Member Posts: 395

    Yea, too blooom my eyes!!!!!!!!!!

  • MantaManta Member Posts: 117
    It does lose the atmosphere of a map seeing so much bright neon over it
  • The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688
    Manta said:
    It does lose the atmosphere of a map seeing so much bright neon over it
    Yeah I definitely agree with that.

    If they dialed it back just a little bit it would mesh together better.
  • DwightsLifeMattersDwightsLifeMatters Member Posts: 1,649
    That will probably get tweaked, but I like it so far. Finally I can see my totems easier etc 
  • CookieBawsCookieBaws Member Posts: 215

    Engine got updated.

  • FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 109

    @CookieBaws said:
    Engine got updated.

    Yeah well, just like the whole Windows update that happened years ago, sometimes an update just isn't an update.

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