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Every Change I Would Make To Trickster

Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,060

If you disagree, remember this is just my vision of what I would like Trickster to be. But obviously discussion is welcome, since you may all have even better/creative ideas than this:

- When chasing an injured survivor, the chase music changes to become more fleshed out and melodic. This would fit in perfectly with the lore of the character.

- 4.6m/s

- Trickster starts the trial with 99 Blades.

- Blades can only inflict the injured state on a survivor.

- 6 Blades damages a health state.

- 24 Blades fills the Main Event Meter.

- Main Event can cause Survivors to enter dying from injured.

- Movement speed during Main Event is 4.0m/s.

- Trickster can search lockers while Main Event is active but cannot reload Blades.

- Main Event Meter fills up on each successful Blade hit regardless of health state.

- When Main Event Meter is full it can be held and activated at any time by pressing the Ability button.

- Main Event consumes Blades.

- Activating Main Event when the Blade count is 0 will automatically refill Blades to full upon exiting cooldown.

- If Main Event is cancelled before the Meter is completely drained then you retain Meter progress but suffer an additional 25% drain.

- 'Death Throes Compilation' While Main Event is active, successful Blade hits on a healthy survivor cause double damage. Main Event no longer consumes Blades.

- 'Edge Of Revival Album' is a Rare add-on.

- 'Tequila Moonrock' is a Very Rare add-on.

- 'Cut Thru U Single' is a Rare add-on.

- 'Melodious Murder' is a Very Rare add-on. Blades can be used to down a survivor. Movement speed while in the throw state is reduced to 3.86.

- 'Bloody Boa' is a Uncommon add-on. Allows Trickster to perform the damage generator action while Main Event is active.

- 'Waiting For You Watch' is now a Uncommon add-on. Injuring a survivor with a Blade inflicts Mangled.

- 'Lucky Blade' is now a Rare add-on. A survivor at maximum laceration suffers with a 2% Hindered.

- 'Inferno Wires' Increases the amount of progress retained when cancelling Main Event by 10%.

- 'Trick Pouch' A survivor damaged by a Blade hit from further than 24m suffer from Blindness for 60 seconds.

And this last additional one is something I'd personally get in a heartbeat if it were made real - Trickster new cosmetic 'NO SPIN Throwback' an outfit Trickster wore during the shooting of the last music video as a member of the group NO SPIN before their 'accident'.

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