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Yes Mither

ValikValik Member Posts: 1,243

No Mither has been expressed as a 'Hard Mode' opt-in for the game, but times have changed.

How should No Mither be changed to make it a perk people actually bring and have fun with, instead of just to troll their team?

Yes Mither 15 votes

While Broken: No Blood Pools, Concealed Aura, Self-Revive. While Dying, if the Killer picks up another survivor, be restored to Injured and become Broken for 40 seconds.
While Broken: No Blood Pools, Concealed Aura, +8% Action speed. Press the active ability button while over 15% Recovery to instantly self-revive - become Broken for the rest of the trial.
darkcloudlink 1 vote
Taking A protection hit while Injured causes you to become Broken instead for 60 seconds. Taking a protection hit while Broken inflicts Deep Wounds instead of putting you in the Dying state.
blackfoxx_xHexDaddyissues 2 votes
Whenever damage puts you into the Injured state, become Broken. When unhooked, instantly be restored to the Healthy state and remove all debuffs.
Constantly Exposed. Recover from Exhaustion while running.
randonlyAnother_LegionMainTheArbiter 3 votes
While Broken: No Blood Pools, Concealed Aura, Self-Revive, No Scratch Marks, No Breathing or grunts of pain. After Completing 2 repair/heal actions, can press the active ability button at any time to return to full health.
No Mither should stay a meme "Hard Mode" perk.
GibberishWampiritaGhouled_MojoDoritoHeadQwQwGazgemauchImAJoke264[Deleted User]usesPython 9 votes


  • TheArbiterTheArbiter Member Posts: 1,518
    Constantly Exposed. Recover from Exhaustion while running.

    This would either be incredibly broken or incredibly bad

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,484

    IMO, the main issue with No Mither right now is that it's obvious to everyone that that's what you have, so the killer doesn't ever leave you slugged. If it were possible, I'd have a version of No Mither where you start with full health, but you can't ever heal once you get injured, you don't have the Broken icon on you, and you can pick yourself up from slug unlimited times.

  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,243

    To be fair, the objective of the perk is to NOT be slugged. It's hard mode. So it's working as intended.

    However, I like the idea of starting out healthy and just hiding the Broken status from the Killer.

    It's like... hard mode lite.

  • GibberishGibberish Member Posts: 909
    No Mither should stay a meme "Hard Mode" perk.

    The only thing I would change about No Mither is that if the No Mither user manages to escape, they and all their team-mates get bonus bloodpoints.

  • UlaUla Member Posts: 276

    Yes Mither, Sprint Burst and Vigil: Every 30 seconds you get the ability to sprint burst.

    That sounds pretty busted lmao

  • randonlyrandonly Member Posts: 354
    edited May 14
    Constantly Exposed. Recover from Exhaustion while running.

    Even if the perk remains what it is, devs could give the same treatment they give to some common killer addons, something like double the amount of blood points at the end of the game (good combo with WGLF), or give more bonuses to all emblem category (help to pip), etc.

  • Tb2kTb2k Member Posts: 7

    I disagree with most of these suggestions, i would prefer constant exposed over broken. my brain thinks it's an amazing idea to buff survivor speed though, so i'm not the best to ask in this ig

  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,243

    So - something like - gaining 2/3/4% Haste and be constantly Exposed ?

    ( Your opinion is valid, my friend. These conversations are meant to bring in multiple, unique points of view! )

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