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Survivor Builds for people bored of the meta

GloamGloam Member Posts: 598

I'm generally a killer player but like playing survivor form time to time but find the meta extremely boring (mostly with every build having an exhaustion perk) and try to stay from a lot of what would be considered the meta perks or meta builds. Instead I enjoy making themed builds based on certain archetypes and figured I'd share a few for people bored and wanting to try something different.

"The Builder"

Prove Thyself - Built to Last - Streetwise - Blast Mine

Out of all my fun builds this is probably the most competitive one. No exhaustion perk but gens get done so fast you won't really be in many chases. Grab a toolbox with scraps, wire spool or both and get to work on those gens and when you've built it up tinker up a blast mine to signal where you are for prove thyself value or to protect your gens.

"The Distraction"

Breakdown - Deliverance/Slippery Meat - Decisive Strike - Tenacity

This is the one for people that want the killers attention for as long as possible while their team does gens. The basic idea is find the killer and loop them for as long as possible and when you feel you're about to go down try to go down in a corner of the map. There will likely be a hook in the area but that's okay because you can get off with either deliverance or slippery meat and when the killer very likely comes back loop them again then get picked up proceed to DS the killer loop some more and when you go down the third time tenacity towards the corner or just away from the hooks in general and chances are that hook you were first hooked on is still broken. There's unlikely to be another hook nearby if you picked your spot correctly and you can wiggle out and keep that chase going. It's technically not looping for 5 gens but it's very possible to keep their attention for 3-5 gens all by yourself.

"The Magician"

Red Herring - Deception - Dance with Me - Quick and Quiet

Trickery and Quick Escapes is what this build is about. Similar to the distraction build you wanna waste the killers time with checking gens and lockers nobody is actually at. If you do get found pull off an escape artist act at a window with dance and q&q.

"The Tank"

Mettle of Man - Circle of Healing - Overcome - Bond

For when you absolutely positively wanna get mettle of man off in a context that's practical this is the best I've come up with. This one is pretty self-explanatory, use bond to find teammates and be ready to take hits then run off with overcome and make your boon and heal up. Rinse and Repeat until MoM is active.

"The Mastermind"

Visionary - Windows of Opportunity - Alert - Bond

Okay this one I'll admit is overkill but if you like surveying the playing field and being able to make informed decisions on the fly this build is quite fun. You can ensure you never 3 gen, be as near or far from the killer as need be, keep tabs on your teammates and make sure you're making every correct choice in every chase. With massive amounts of info you don't need meta when you can feel confidant every choice you make is the right one.

"The Wrestler"

Any Means Necessary - Boil Over - Power Struggle - Smash Hit

About as close to actually fighting the killer as you can get this build came about from my wanting a survivor with a background in combat sports. While there are no chairs to smash killers with we do have pallets which is what smash hit and power struggle are for. Boil Over is our version of "kicking out" and Any Means Necessary to show off raw strength and make sure we can keep our other perks useful.

"The Druid"

Botany Knowledge- Calm Spirit - Circle of Healing - Diversion

Another one that's more about the theme then it is a particular strategy you're kind of a healer that can also use the natural environment to deceive the killer. Ideally you'd play this as healing yourself and others as needed and playing somewhat stealthy so you can stay alive to heal others as needed when not doing gens.


That's all I have for now. I would not recommend playing any of these builds in a tournament but you can get away with them even in red ranks if you play to their strengths so give them a shot if you're looking to shake things up by trying to play a specific role for your team and wanna give the usual BT - DH - DS - UB a break for a couple games and feel free to share your own unique builds when you feel like memeing.


  • MdawguMdawgu Member Posts: 408

    Sorry haven't you heard? Majority of players in this game are allergic to fun. Not me though, I love crappy perks. People never expect them when they go off.

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    I love the names and build ideas. Very fun. I enjoy running treasure hunter/santa build as survivor as well.

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 2,475

    Same I like to run treasure hunting and hoard the items.

  • UnknownKillerUnknownKiller Member Posts: 2,277

    Red herring is a good perk but deception is a one time trick

  • scenekillerscenekiller Member Posts: 809
    edited May 13

    I have one I call an all-knowing build. Empathy, Empathic Connection, Kindred, Windows of Opportunity. Especially helpful as I'm a solo q player most times.

    I create a link with the first two between me and an injured person at all times. This helps for healing OR for not being accidentally sandbagged by an injured teammate in chase.

    When Kindred proxies, I know where anybody else is (and the killer in some instances). Windows then helps me keep track of what pallets have already been used by my teammates, or see which ones are currently being used if the teammate is not injured yet.

  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 1,361
    edited May 13

    I've been using a heal build

    Autodidact, Empathic Connection, Empathy, Renewal

    Perks 2 and 3 make finding people to heal easier, making it easier to get value from perks 1 and 4.

    Worst case you get a Plague, but even then your get a constant Aftercare going.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,206

    Love running these builds except for when I’m tunneled without DS. Makes running off meta feel awful

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 2,365

    --- Cheating Death ---

    Spine Chill, resilience, wake up, and left behind.

    The vault speed has a good chance of causing barely missed swings, and left behind and wake-up give you a chance to make it in an otherwise dire endgame scenario.

  • TeabaggingGhostfaceTeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 2,456


    Plunderer's instinct, appraisal, ace in the hole, pharmacy

  • SentinelCaptainSentinelCaptain Member Posts: 220

    Not sure which ones are still considered Meta or not, but I run Prove Thyself, Small Game, Counterforce, and Left behind.

  • deKlaw_04deKlaw_04 Member Posts: 3,660

    I was using bite the bullet, balanced landing, wglf, And leader. Playing a against a pinhead. Cool I like that killer. Then I get tunneled off the hook with no bt 2 times. This is solo que btw. Then I get moried and everyone else escapes. After that I went back to the meta (ds,coh,bt and lithe).

  • deKlaw_04deKlaw_04 Member Posts: 3,660

    I’m gonna be running ace In the whole and plunders on my Jill tonight to stockpile. Hopefully I don’t get tunneled for running meme perks again

  • ViskodViskod Member Posts: 845

    Use Decisive Strike, Flashbang, and Head On and try to combo all three of them in a row.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,228

    I don't have a name for it but

    Lithe, dance with me, quick and quiet, iron will

    I get killers to lose me a lot with that one. Favourite use in vaulting into shack and zooming down into the basement where they rarely think to check

  • KurriKurri Member Posts: 1,599

    The "HAH! GOTTEM"

    Borrowed Time - Flashbang - Head On - Diversion

    always take Borrowed Time

  • JaviiMiiJaviiMii Member Posts: 283

    I like to run something I call

    "INJURED NO MORE" : Botany Knowledge, We'll Make It, Desperate Measures, Built To Last OR Pharmacy ---- Ideally along with a Med-Kit with add-ons for Speed & Charges.

    --- The healing speed is really nice and at times you get a good reaction out of fellow survivors/killers.

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