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True Wisdom From The Entity

Background: With rank reset and the BP rewards I like taking characters to Prestige 2 right before the reset and then making them P3 L50. With the recent changes to Ghostface, I thought it would be his turn.

So, I log in and start the process wondering if I would be lucky enough to get BBQ and Chili; my one mandatory perk for all killers. As any perk that you get to level one is mandatory and would likely be tier 3 by level 50 that would be great.

Fortunately, the Entity foresaw my needs far better than I did and granted me Insidious. I truly forgot how meta that perk is on Ghostface.

And, to make sure I did not forget, even after picking every level one perk offered and going some bloodwebs past L50 I still don't have BBQ and Chili on Ghostface. It's true; the Entity does feed on our hope.

Ah Bloodweb, I do love your randomness so.


  • jinx3djinx3d Member Posts: 154

    dude insidious on gf is so strong

  • SlowpeachSlowpeach Member Posts: 429

    Honestly I just wish (among other bloodweb fixes) that we’re gunna live forever and bbq and chili were passive effects for their blood point gain. Or better yet, just always grant the 100% boost. I probably wouldn’t use either perk if it weren’t for the blood points but they are both solid perks without the blood points anyway. Certainly above average in usefulness.

  • JonahsTabletJonahsTablet Member Posts: 762

    Why wait for the cloak when you can just stand still lol?

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