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PC Left For Dead Acheivement Did Not Activate

TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 923

PC, Yamoaka Estate, I was playing Jonathon Byers (skin for Steve Harrington) with WGLF, DS, UB, and Overcome. The Killer was a GhostFace

1: At two survivors left both on death hook I had made it to a generator

2: The other survivor got caught and got put on the hook when I was at 90% progress

3: I continued working on the generator while the other survivor when through the death process. About five seconds after the sound had terminated the generator activated.

4: Aware of the potential for Left For Dead, I hid in a locker for about twenty seconds.

5: I then went to the exit gate. While opening the gate, the killer found and closed the hatch. I continued opening the gate

6: The gate opened. I went through. Although the gen had activated while I was the last survivor and the second last had finished the death sequence a few seconds earlier, I did not receive the acheivement.

Please let me know if you need any other information. Thank you.

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