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why is the game map designed so badly?

ZachcjjjZachcjjj Member Posts: 452

and I'm not even talking about just the fact there is like 7 trillion god pallets, but more so the fact that its incredibly boring for both sides and there is no difference between rank 21 meg looping and someone who is actually good on top of that what if you vs a bubba or a blight with c33 and your bot teammate just spam drops and then you literally cant do anything because there is maybe 1 L T wall and a longwall to loop that doesn't connect to anything if the pallets are gone and then there's the glaringly obvious problem of m1 killers on that map but that doesn't even have to be explained lets be real


  • SepexSepex Member Posts: 1,308

    If they reduced some of the pallets it'd be fine for me. As of right now it's just borderline ridiculous.

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