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Gears Of War Chapter

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The Locust


Tall ↕️

32m 🎯

Power: Kryll Commander

Press the Power button to summon a protective flock of Kryll around you. While the Kryll are active, press and hold the Power button to command the Kryll to pursue a targeted survivor within 16m of you. Kryll that are pursuing a survivor will auto-lock onto their location and attack them for as long as you focus on them. A survivor exposed to the Kryll's pursuit for enough time will be damaged for one health state.

When the power gauge is empty or the Power button is released, the Kryll disperse and enter into a cooldown.

While the Kryll are active and flocking around you, they prevent and protect against the effects from the next stun you experience. Stunned while protected disperses the Kryll and enters them into cooldown.

The Locust Perks:

Emergence - When your species surfaced it sparked an instant war.

The first time you initiate a chase with a survivor you gain an immediate 10% increased movement speed for 5/7/10 seconds.

"For a time, the humans of Sera knew the illusion of peace. Until, Emergence Day." - Queen Myrra

Serve The Queen - Your loyalty to those you serve is undying.

While a survivor is hooked, for each survivor repairing a generator during this time the Sacrifice progression is accelerated by 11%/22%/33%.

"Die..." - General Raam

Hex: Defence Destroyer - You are a one monster army. Nothing can stop you or your onslaught.

Whenever you hook a survivor, 1 random pallet is dropped and then 1 other random dropped pallet is destroyed.

When a pallet is reset the aura of the survivor is revealed for 3/5/7 seconds.

"Go fourth and show them destruction" - Queen Myrra

Marcus Fenix Perks:

Out Of Jail - You were granted release in desperate times and joined the fight for survival. Now you are needed once again for the same reason.

When another survivor heals you from the Dying state break into a sprint at 150% of your normal running speed for 2 seconds.

Causes the Exhausted status effect for 60/50/40 seconds.

Out Of Jail cannot be used while exhausted.

You do not recover from the Exhausted status effect while running.

"Welcome back to the army, soldier." - Dominic Santiago

Battle Hardened - You have lived through many unwinnable battles. This isn't gonna be any different.

After stunning the killer 5/4/3 times by any means, this perk activates.

While Battle Hardened is activated, perform a rush vault action to use Battle Hardened. If The Killer is standing within Battle Hardened's effective range, The Killer is stunned for 3 seconds.

Causes the Exhausted status effect for 60/50/40 seconds.

Battle Hardened cannot be used while Exhausted.

You do not recover from the Exhausted status effect while running.

"Now I'm pissed!" - Marcus Fenix

Brother To The End - You were helpless to watch your brother die saving everyone from the endless horde of your enemies. You will not let anyone else die on your watch. You cannot allow that to happen.

While healing another survivor inside The Killer Terror Radius, and not in a chase, the aura of all pallets, vault locations and lockers are revealed to the survivor being healed within a 20m/28m/36m range.

"Hold on, just hold on..." - Marcus Fenix

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