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IHateHBVRIHateHBVR Member Posts: 5
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I've been playing since release day by far the worst update throughout the history of the game was 4.5 patch, they had to remove so much fun stuff.

The old animations looked way better and way more realistic. If there's a 2 meter tall killer around an area which you are trapped in then of course you lay low and look around at all times nervously. Now you just stand completely straight like a damn statue with no emotions. Even worse, you do so with your head 45 degrees down to the ground completely still. It looks stupid. Then when you start running your head shifts up and stays horizontal until you stop and it goes back down again. Like what? Just pay attention to it and you will see how bad it looks.

The movement and turning feels slow and rusty. There none of that quick spin and snappy spins with the old. 360 feel much worse and they are one of the most famous and fun techs to pull off. The new animations just butchered them.

Also going on and off of gens looks really bad too.

No more flop tech where you flopped to the ground from mending (hilarious, watch a Scott Jund clip)

No more running around a tree while looking up into the sky like a dummy. (head stays completely horizontal, very zzzz)

But to be honest worst of all they removed the most fun mechanic in the whole game, crouch nodding. It might not be realistic, but its funny as ######### every time. Remember the times when you get stunned and for some reason you cant move then you turn around and look down and see this:

Now they just crouch with no expression at all, cant ever look up... looks sooooo boring. (also old Dweet was better)

Another small detail were the hair physics. Cosmetics like Nea's pink hair with the mask wiggled back and forth when you were strafe running and was really funny. Looks unrealistic and goofy, but again that's the point, its funny.

Your game doesn't have to be full on perfect realism, people started playing and stayed because it was fun, not realistic. This might be an old take but I really think reverting to the old here would be a good decision and make the game more fun and fresh and 100% more old players would come back. It would bring the game closer to feeling like the good old classic DBD that was way more fun than what we have now...


  • Ricardo170373Ricardo170373 Member Posts: 390

    OMG yeah, i love the old nea´s pink hair, it moves and is só nice. This game is so bad for this, every hair every cloth looks like a solid and fixed piece. A little pieces has move. we need more

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,685

    While we're talking about hair, can we do something about the hair for the Pig's rift mask? It sucks seeing Amanda's hair sorta floating on nothing when using certain torso cosmetics on her.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,932

    Wasn’t Neas pink hair the prime example of hair bugging out and extending into every direction?

    i do agree some animations - especially standing still - looked better before. But over all i prefer the new animations. Expressions could also need some further improvements (Aces smirk is still worse than before the update)

    360s are also just dumb, they are better now and should still not be as they are. If you pull it off you really just outplayed a noob killer or aimdressed controller killer…

  • IHateHBVRIHateHBVR Member Posts: 5

    Yeah the hair did cause that sometimes but they patched it before the 4.5 update.

    First, what do you like about the new animations, theres like nothing good about them imo. They are just boring and expressionless.

    Second. 360 are one of the most fun techs in the game and is why this game became popular arguably. Also if you can do them right you can spin any killer trust me. It adds another tech in the game and increases skill ceiling and makes the game more interesting. 360 were definitely the most fun thing to pull off back then and of course, like they always do, bhvr had to remove it. They always add stuff no one wants and remove fun stuff like reverses.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,932

    First, what do you like about the new animations, theres like nothing good about them imo. They are just boring and expressionless.

    as I said, standing still and some facial expressions need improvements but I like most of the motion animations more as I think the old ones looked clunky and mostly unnatural. Not saying the new ones are perfect.

    i don’t agree that 360s are or ever were that popular. And you really can’t spin any killer, well, maybe if you have a high ping as survivor you can.. but that’s just another reason why it’s stupid.

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