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What The New Main Menu Should Be

Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,060

The killer should be on the far left and the survivors at the camp fire on the right. 'Archives - Play as Survivor - Play as Killer - Custom Game' should be the main centre piece buttons. Then as mini buttons on the right of the screen vertical of one another you should have 'Getting Started - Store - Daily Challenges - Options' and in the bottom left corner near the killer you should have a scratch mark icon which when clicked on is a sub-menu which brings up 'News - Support - Credits'.

The killer being on the left would make better sense because they hold their weapon in their right hand, not left, thus the right hand should be focused on.

The main buttons should still be there along the bottom because it looks well placed there.

The mini buttons on the right would fit well near the camp fire because it would draw the players eyes over the screen and look cozy as well as well placed.

The mini sub menu being near the killer is also a good fit there because the killer is the main attraction with DBD so having the game icon and a sub menu attached to it there would be very apt.

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