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Suggested mix-ups for some Blight addons

DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 3,261
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Blight has a problem with his addons- all of them can be good (except for like two), but only the busted ones see any use. Which is why I'm offering some buffs, some nerfs, and a lot of reworks to see if the community thinks it'd bring some variety to everyone's favorite orange juice addict.

Alchemist's Ring

Old effect: Instantly recharges all tokens when you get a lethal rush hit

New effect: Rush can be activated even if your power has not recharged all of its tokens. If Lethal Rush is used before all tokens recharge, it has an extra cooldown penalty of 1.2 seconds for each token. (This stacks if you use Lethal Rush before it's fully charged multiple times in a row. So if you use it at 4 tokens, it's 1.2 seconds for each token, and if you do that a second time it becomes 2.4 seconds).

explanation: this allows you to still be aggressive, but it comes with a heavy cost.

Adrenaline Vial

Old Effect: 10% speed boost, 20% look angle increase, -55% turning rate, 7 tokens, 1 second less recharge per token, 401k, lifetime supply of Cinnamon Toast crunch, and a bag of apple slices

New effect: 40% speed increase, -55% turning rate

explanation: speed is life.

Compound 33

Old Effect: Breaks pallets when you slam into them, gives survivors close to you when slamming a Hindered penalty

New effect: Hindered penalty only activates when breaking a pallet by slamming into it, and breaking a pallet in this way removes 3 rush tokens instead of one.

Chipped Monocle

Old effect: shows slam target location

New effect: Gives an indicator of how much distance is left per rush, circle showing slam target location is replaced with this indicator.

explanation: helps new players develop memory about how long each rush is.

Soul Chemical

Old effect: Triggers a difficult skill check when you rush by a survivor

New effect: When a survivor is working on a generator within a 16m radius of your slam, that generator explodes losing 5% progress and is blocked for 15 seconds or until this addon's effect triggers again. Only one generator can be affected at a time.

Explanation: Pretty much accomplishes the same thing, but it's consistent

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