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I am appalled, offended, and most of all, outraged.

DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 3,268
edited May 28 in General Discussions

Daily rituals- they exist. All killers have them. They're usually called "rite of the this" or "rite of the that". But there is a single, infuriating exception to this that rocks me to my core.

Blight. Because you see, his daily rituals are called "Ritual of the Blight" Instead. Oh, how the absence of the word "rite" chills me to my core, as if my heart were a leaf on a tree in a midwinter's day! How I long for the satisfaction of poetry gracing my eyes as I check my daily rituals! But alas, it is not to be.

BHVR had a major opportunity to have a really cool rhyme, but they threw it away. I will not stop until this problem is remedied.


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