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Pallets against Nurse

Kira4EvrKira4Evr Member Posts: 1,882

It's fun. I was literally inside her head xd


  • Plsfix369Plsfix369 Member Posts: 482

    Nice, although I've only manage to do that with Spirit players, Nurses makes me want to press Shift+W everytime I see one, It's not fun.

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,487

    That poor Nurse :)

    Strong or weak, smashing a Nurse is no small feat though : kudos.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,611
    edited June 3

    Well done. It's a tricky interaction with her blinker at that specific tile. The survivor character model blocks it unless she massively overblinks. That's why she dead blinked instead of crossing the pallet. She needed to rotate you to the short side to free up her blinks

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