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Why Oni is the best killer in the game

DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 3,330

Im serious. Let’s compare Oni to all the other killers so you can see how right I am.

Trapper- Bear Traps would tickle the big guy.

Wraith- Imagine having to go invisible and not making yourself loud and full of rage

Billy- Imagine using a chainsaw and not a big stick lol

Nurse- imagine needing to tear through the fabric of reality to carry you

Myers- Imagine charging your power by looking at people

Hag- Bonk

Doctor- Imagine having to use electricity as a weapon

Huntress- hatchets would probably just tickle Oni.

Bubba- Chainsaw couldn’t go through Oni’s armor

Freddy- Bonk.

Piggy- Bonk.

Clown- Just hold your breath lol

Spirit- imagine not killing your father before he can kill you

Legion- Bonk x4

Plague- Plague doesn’t really have a proper weapon to take on a big angry man.

Ghostface- Bonk.

Demo- Oni’s too big so he would fend Demo off easily

Slinger- Imagine using a gun

Pyramid Head- Big Stick beats big sword. Also he couldn’t fight Oni anyway. Oni is too cool for guilt.

Blight- Bonk.

Twins- Victor is easily bonkable without the need for a big stick, and Charlotte is like, really weak without him.

Trickster- Lol

Nemy- Imagine being a bioweapon and not a big hulking hunk of rage

Pinhead- Just don’t open the box lol

Artist- Imagine using Ink as a weapon

Sadako- Bonk. Oh, he’s dying in a week? Doesn’t matter, she died first.

Dredge- What is he going to do? Slap Oni across the face with his long hand? Lol.


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