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Daily DBD Question #9

Kira4EvrKira4Evr Member Posts: 1,872

In my opinion, the introduction of The Ostrich, AKA The Dredge, Dead By Daylight is actually kinda creepy and scary again. I mean it's not like when I started playing, altho I was kind of a baby.

Itäs funny because when I was new to the game. I thought it was unfair to the survivors that the killer had a power. I believed that there was nothing the survivors could do. Yea I was very dumb. Wanna know another funny thing? I used to believe that Michael Myers was the best killer in the game because he could insta-down xd

My question is:

When you started playing, did you have any opinions about the game that you would laugh at today?


  • tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 3,457
    edited June 8

    Dead by Daylight? Sounds like a fun game!

    Oh sweet summer child Tippy...

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 9,308

    I thought Freddy and Legion were OP.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 4,995

    Legion was good

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 603

    Back then I used to think Premonition and Urban Evasion was a great combo because I could sit on gens without getting found ever.

    Now I run to center of map in the beginning of the game so I can do middle gen. Things have changed...

  • BranBran Member Posts: 1,452

    Well when I started playing there was barely a game. This was years ago...trapper was even op back then!

    But no seriously, pre rework doctor was a mess 😂.

  • RemediastRemediast Member Posts: 595

    I used to think on-release Legion was fine for the first month they were out. I had to be, and was, very inexperienced to be able to believe something like that back then.

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