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SpitfireOrMichinaSpitfireOrMichina Member Posts: 197
edited November 2018 in 2.4.0 PTB
  • Slightly increases Deep Wound healing/mending time.
  • Add Skill Checks on mending ability.
  • Reset the mending progress if it stop.
  • On Feral Frenzy, set the same first successful attacks cool-down for the second one, on a Deep Wound.
  • Remove ** the power gauge **depleting penality while hitting a Survivor with a basic attack.

This killer(s) DONT need much changes. They (Cause this is a band) are fun to play and has to be played strategically. I dont want and the devs DONT have to give him that much changes. On the PTB 2.3.0 i was REALY enjoying the Spirit on how she was. She was fun and pretty easy to play. Road to be my scond main. But when they made some "buff", i lost all the fun i had on PTB. She's now too much easy to play. It doesnt give challenge anymore. I'm totaly not enjoying playing this killer now. Today's Dead by daylight players wants everything on ther easy way because they dont want feel weak. They dont like to be weak. Even slightly. But one thing people have to learn is that: This is by fighting weakness that you will become stronger. On-last-thing. People dont like to feel weak. But do not like to feel weak... is being weak.

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  • JoannaVOJoannaVO Member Posts: 747

    Not wanting to feel weak doesn't mean you are weak. It can be used as your motivation to obtain more strength. Legion itself is not as bad, it's just the add-ons that make it a combination you can do nothing against. A survivor should have some option atleast to get out of the killer's hands, but with the Legion's power combined with add-ons like Frank's Mixtape you will go down in no-time because you don't need as many hits, and the temporary stun given when they hit you again is useless since they can get their power back in no time (especially with more add-ons) and she will run you out pretty much instantly. It's not the Legion that is unfun to play against, it's just the add-ons that give you no chance to even escape.

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