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Dredge Builds and Perk Ideas?

AraphexAraphex Member Posts: 326

Just wondering if anyone has been playing around with perks on the Dredge and came up with some unique builds or any perks that seem to work well?


  • TheShapesMixtapeTheShapesMixtape Member Posts: 4,227

    These are all theoretical, i have not been able to try them.

    Instant Ambush Dredge

    Add-ons : Field Recorder, Destroyed Pillow

    Perks : Lethal Pursuer, Bitter Murmur, No Way Out, Hex : No One Escapes Death

    Severe Exposure Dredge

    Add-ons : Iridescent Wooden plank, Malthinker Skull

    Perks : Make Your Choice, Hex : Devour Hope, Hex : Undying (or BBQ and Chili), Scourge Hook : Floods of Rage

    Meta Dredge.

    Add-ons : Field Recorder, Destroyed Doll

    Perks : BBQ and Chili, Pop Goes The Weasel, Scourge Hook : Pain Resonance, Corrupt Intervention.

    Fast Nightfall

    Add-ons : Malthinker Skull, Shredded Letters

    Perks : Sloppy Butcher, A Nurse's Calling, Shattered Hope, Franklin's Demise

    Endgame Dredge

    Add-ons : Boat Key, Field Recorder

    Rancor, No Way Out, Remember Me, Hex : No One Escapes Death

    A nice thing about dredge is that its aura cannot be read during nightfall, which blocks the obsession from being able to see your aura.

    Surprise Dredge

    Add-ons : Sacrificial Blade, Haddie's Calendar

    Perks : Bamboozle, Save The Best for Last, Tinkerer, Claustrophobia.

  • AraphexAraphex Member Posts: 326

    Exactly what I'm looking for, theoretical. Thanks!

  • TheShapesMixtapeTheShapesMixtape Member Posts: 4,227
    edited June 18

    Okay so here are the ones that most excite me, after getting a lot of experience with this killer.

    With this build, you make survivors oblivious with hex : plaything. Then hopefully they will feel the need to cleanse it, or if they want to preserve the totem by blessing it then you can use shattered hope which breaks the totem so you can use pentimento. For the add-ons shredded letters and thanataphobia combo well with each other becauses it allows you to injure survivors a lot and fill up nightfall meter. Fallen shingle is because you'll want to use teleport to transfer broken totems indicated by white aura from hex : pentimento. You can use whatever offering you want.

    This build i liked to run on freddy but it actually works way better on dredge. It's about getting nightfall fast, and when you get it lasts for longer. Sloppy butcher allows nightfall to charge fast and when nightfall does... fall you can see them with a nurse's calling when you are undetectable. Shattered Hope is to deal with Boon : Circle of Healing and Franklin's Demise will damage any medkits they may have.

    This third one is very exciting. Basically, it's an endgame build, which will basically guarantee that you will be able to kill the obsession when the gates are powered. If you hook everyone you'll get no way out. Once all of the generators are powered you'll see everyone's aura for 10 seconds, Nightfall will activate thanks to field recorder and all of the locks will be broken thanks to boat key. Hex : The Third Seal helps you obscure rancor.

    Also i have an update about Instant Ambush Dredge. It doesn't really work, after PTB they changed the cooldown, at the start of the match you will always have a 12 second cooldown and cannot be reduced by any add-ons like in PTB. It's still effective but not as effective as i thought it would be.

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