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Question about reworked Prestige

ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 717
edited June 9 in Ask the Community

Is it known if you'll still be getting bloody prestige cosmetics for the first 3 Prestige levels after the mid-summer update goes live? And, if I, say, have unprestiged characters with all perks in game maxed out to lvl 3 - will they get corresponding bloody prestige cosmetics automatically too (given that "catch-up mechanic" which was mentioned in devs' post)?


  • irishbutcheririshbutcher Member Posts: 61

    With the new system you can get your bloody cosmetics without losing everything. You'll also be getting a reward which I'm not sure of yet to compensate your progress without prestiging.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,677

    If you haven’t prestiged but have high progress they will ‚translate‘ that progress so you will unlock not be punished for not prestiging.

    though there will be a special reward for any character you have in p3 that you won’t get otherwise - this is not gonna be a charm or cosmetic piece and very unlikely currency

  • BloodartistBloodartist Member Posts: 99
    edited June 12

    Probably a good thing, this. During the previous 6 years, I bothered to prestige one character.

    Kinda symptomatic of how totally clueless the devs are that they thought of this only now.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,677

    Might have been something they though of way sooner but wasn’t high on the priority list and needed time to actually get implemented/tested etc.

    they had been talking for a while that they had something planned to address the grind after all

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