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Relent to Unrelenting

ValikValik Member Posts: 1,243

Unrelenting is a long maligned perk in the game that falls off rather quickly as players accrue far more useful perks as they learn to play the game.

While it can be seen in the wild on rare occasion, the reasoning is not a mystery - getting a fraction of a second return on a missed attack is of little benefit, even to newer players that are still learning the game.

At this point in time, it reduces a 1.5 second cooldown to a solid 1 second. Nice, but it doesn't do much. In early games, it may make a very slight advantage in very particular circumstances where killers miss a lot of their attacks - but in average to advanced lobbies where killers scarcely miss, the returns are diminishing.

Would any of these solutions be attractive changes to make the perk practical and useful to pro players and newcomers alike?

Drop a comment with your thoughts!

Relent to Unrelenting 0 votes

20% faster missed attack recovery speed. Missing an attack while in chase gains a token up to 5. Upon gaining or losing a token, this perk goes on cooldown, no tokens can be gained or lost while on cooldown. For each token, gain 10% increased missed attack recovery. Upon hitting a survivor with an attack, consume a token to gain 15% haste for 3 seconds. This perk has a cooldown of 30/20/10 seconds
15% faster missed attack recovery. For every attack that hits a survivor, gain a token up to 5. For each token, increased missed attack recovery by 8/10/12% Upon missing an attack, all tokens are used
Can interrupt the on-hit cooldown by initiating interactions.
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