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Gen speeds needs to be discussed



  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 4,068

    Theres a reason corrupt is so meta the higher mmr (people actually do gens)

    Iv never understood balancing around people who dont play the game properly and dont do their only objective but when the devs do is it any surprise gen defense is meta?

  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 7,289

    By the looks of the points, you didn't get any hooks and nobody saved, it's highly unlikely they needed to heal anyway. You win some, you lose some, they also ran medkits so why would they not heal?

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 13,239

    Uhm, as i said. They didn´t heal. Got 1 hook who counted as 2 due to reaching struggle. The second down was right at the second the last gen was completed. After that i had little incentive to keep playing and just opened the gate.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 13,239
  • fcbfcb Member Posts: 151

    those toolboxes are OP, and Franklin's Demise only works with basic attacks. Franklin's Demise should work also on special attacks, the timer should be 60 seconds instead of 90 and the killer should have the option to move around/hide those items 😀 because the survivors know where they are at and they come back when the killer goes away.

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 4,068

    Oh dear, you have opened the gates of hell with that topic 😂

  • SylhiriSylhiri Member Posts: 73

    Personally I would add new objectives to larger maps that would require you to do them sequentially but keep smaller maps as gens only.

    For example maybe you need three gens to open electronic locks to cabinets that give you keys that open panels to power the exit gates or something.

    There are a bunch of different things you could do but it would need a lot of testing.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 13,239

    So far, everything the devs tried to add in regard of additional survivor objectives. Either severly damaged killers (hexes) or turned into a secondary objective for killers (boons).

    It just doesn´t make sense. That all 5 gens can be completed in less than 4 minutes. Even without coordination or preparation. A good match should take somewhere around 12-15 minutes. Why spend 5 minutes in a queue, only to have a match that lasts less than that?

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,279

    You have more perks to slow gens down than ever before. There shouldn’t really be an excuse. You are merely there to patrol gens not guard them.

    Also, you provide no context of what killer you played, what map, how many hours. All of which make a difference in the match. Because RNG and skill is a huge denominator of the outcome of a match in this game.

    Are we to just assume that you played your match in circumstances where you should have downed and hooked someone in a reasonable timeframe?

  • MilMansonMilManson Member Posts: 939

    Kek at all the survivors trying to pass the blame to the killer.

  • Alphasoul05Alphasoul05 Member Posts: 602
    edited June 10

    Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of more and more gen regression perks being created to shake up the gen regression meta because, rather than tackling the problem it's just easier to accept it as part of the game and try to manage it

    The obvious solution is to nerf all gen regression perks and figure out some way to create an artificial, non-optional gen regression thing in the game to make up for it. Overall, that would in turn increase killer strength due to not requiring them, and freeing up perk slots. This is also ignoring that it will probably have an affect on a lot of survivor perks and their meta, and requiring the removal or fundamental changes to perks that speed up gen progress, like toolboxes, Prove Thyself, etc.

    What one sounds easier? The game probably is in a "statistically" fine state. but it's pretty obvious that gen speeds are a problem and they are completely aware of it due to giving many new killer map pressure/travelling options or something that helps with gens/loops, and continue to introduce more gen regression perks.

  • MilMansonMilManson Member Posts: 939
    edited June 10

    "Oppressive" aka anything which stands a chance against a SWF.

    Survivor virtue calling code words.

  • MilMansonMilManson Member Posts: 939

    Going to add anything constructive to the OP's thread? Or just ranting?

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,279

    No, it's understanding balance in a game. SWF have little advantage when compared to how much of the game Nurse ignores.

    It doesn't take a genius to know this.

  • DeathstrokeDeathstroke Member Posts: 1,616

    Use corrupt invertion it's in shrine of secret that should slow down game a bit at least. But if gen speed would be slower than they are who would want to fix them like it's most boring part of the game as survivor. Camping and tunneling would be even more worth it also. But if survivors just gen rush you should tunnel one out and proxy camp.

  • MilMansonMilManson Member Posts: 939
    edited June 10

    The nurse does NOT ignore anything.

    Her ability is based on phasing, you can still use pallets, you can still use the line of sight, skill hard etc.

    Skilled survivors know how to use the above things and the time and place of when to use them for example when she blinks and she's about to swing after you've double-backed over a pallet loop and you throw the pallet on the swing, not the block.

    Sounds like a user error problem.

  • Chewy102Chewy102 Member Posts: 591

    If you want the game balanced around the extreme of Nurse, then the game also needs to be balanced around the extreme of comp SWF.

    Fair is fair after all.

  • WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,158
    edited June 10

    background and philosophy ARE boring. skip this one if you want.

    I play survivor, for clarity, but allow me to put some of my insight into it.

    The problem with generators may not only be the generators themselves, but it is a symptom of a much deeper problem that has been examined in multiple ways. One of which was, to make the maps smaller. If you can reduce the distance to travel between generators and the overall size of the map, it would improve map pressure for killers overall, allowing those who struggle in it to have a chance.

    Now, let this be said I have no say on how some other killers are balanced. I am merely looking at the foundation of their kit here. A lot of people find the close/densely packed maps, like Dead Dawg, dreadful to play on. (This is anecdotal. You can disagree).

    I think that the problem with the standardization of maps is that not all maps are equal in size.

    For some, it can take 30 seconds to go from one side of the map to another, while others can be 20.

    Factor in that, that is a B-Line and not going through any obstacles. And some killers can make up that difference with their abilities, but those who cannot fall behind. And they do indeed fall quite far. My point is, that there's a lot that can / is going wrong already, and pinpointing the exact cause is difficult.

    The opinion; the thing you want to read:

    I think there are two problems with DBD at the moment. Lacking killer map pressure (due to large map size or just no tools in the kit to deal), and lack of alternative objectives.

    • The problem isn't survivors doing the objective, it's the distance between everything that is.

    My idea, the thing that's incredibly rushed and not thought through (/ser):

    • Use one of those Surveymonkey surveys to poll how survivors feel about maps, for all roles, gametime, and experiences.
    • Use that data and pinpoint maps that are towards the middle. Then, use the maps that are polar ends of one another- one map that is extremely killer sided according to data, then survivor-sided to the other.
    • Compare these, and make a visual update to a map that needs it, as well as a fleshed-out redesign. Do something similar to Badham, and make three instances- one having the traits of a killer-sided map, the other survivor sided, and one that sits in the middle, and rate satisfaction.
    • If BHVR can identify a map that's 'good' by their standards, we can see more content like that. But since we don't know what their ideal perspective on each map is, (2 survivors dead minimum), it's hard to pinpoint what defines success.
    • Alternative Idea: Find an peak sq. meterage that is in line with optimal performance for both sides, and standardize that number. Maybe 100-200 meters over, sure; but the point is, we can still do fun shapes-- we just have to work around the size so it is not too overbearing.

    edit: added points and stuff. thinking is hard.

  • MilMansonMilManson Member Posts: 939

    Even Nurse gets wrecked in "comp" DBD with her best addons/perks.

  • SmeagolthevileSmeagolthevile Member Posts: 173

    Every second that the survivors give the killer by not doing game critical tasks (gens, cleansing hexes, etc) is activly hurting their chances of winning. The killer's biggest weapon in the game is time, the longer a game goes the better chances the killer has at winning. Survivors items run out, their perks turn off in some cases, generators revert.

    If you want gens to be even slower then they are (and remember, they used to be a fair bit quicker then they are now) then there needs to be something done equally for the killer side, otherwise nerfing gens speeds is a straight up buff to every killer in the game (with the very minor exception of pig, possibly, but even then that is debatable).

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,279

    Except that you dont need to play extreme Nurse for her to be considered broken.

  • VeinslayVeinslay Member Posts: 1,642

    The devs are never going to do anything about the gen speeds. Just make a build that works towards furthering the goal of hard proxy camping/tunneling to get someone out of the game as fast as you can. Force altruism. Only way to get them off the gens. You lose very little points for doing this. I've won plenty of games where I 3 or 4k straight hard tunnelling the first guy out and end up wiht 26 - 28k points

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