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I feel like ante up needs a rework

jamally093jamally093 Member Posts: 805
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The perk is basically useless luck isn't a thing anymore so any up is just well there to be a useless perk slot you have something like Ace in the hole were you have a good of great items and open-handed is good for aura perks. Why not make it where ante up activates every time a survivor is hooked and maybe you get a speed boost on healing,unlocking and cleansing maybe not a massive speed boost maybe 2% per hooked survivor meaning at 8 stacks that's 16% right there sure it's not a big change if you look at something like Desperate measures which is per injured survivor. But it's better then just increasing luck think about it anty up is increasing the rate of money in a poker game one uping the person maybe this ante up is one uping the killer.

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  • TsukahTsukah Member Posts: 248

    Luck should increase the rarity of items in a chest

  • ZachcjjjZachcjjj Member Posts: 455

    nah up the ante and slippery meat is goated

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