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Oni mastery 2.0- part 2

DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 3,330
edited June 13 in General Discussions

Welcome to the second installment of this Oni mastery thing.


learned to turn corners with Demon strike more consistently, though still struggling with more extreme flicks

Got a bit better at demon dashing along walls

had a disappointing but exciting match on AutoHaven. I came close to winning but little mistakes added up and I wasn’t able to pull through

Had essentially the opposite the next match. I was in a bad position but I played well and was able to secure a win.

Pulled off a clean 180 flick that I’m proud of, now I just need to learn to apply it in actual chases!

I discovered how awful Midwich or The Game is for Oni if survivors hold W and predrop pallets the entire time

Discovered how fun Dredge was! I will be splitting my time between it, Oni, and survivor.

What I need to work on:

Making the most of situations where survivors play safely, and playing on bad maps

180 flicking in chase

Not getting tilted

Hitting survivors that double back into me right as I begin to attack out of dash

Finding more perk options (my current build is Infectious, M&A, PR, and BBQ. Except for Infectious I'm getting quite bored of it.)

Playing around shack with Demon Dash

I was going to submit a video of my gameplay, however it was on The Game and it was an incredibly frustrating match, but I have it saved so if you get pleasure from my suffering or still think you could show me some pointers despite the map, I can still show you it.

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