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How do you define chill

So, I got curious because, with the event, I'm playing normally. For me this means alternating hooks, no tunneling, no intentional camping and no survivors die before at least the fifth hook unless they (a) don't get rescued by their team (not my doing; I'm usually not even within 40 meters of the hook unless I get swarmed at hook) or (b) they teabag at a pallet (I don't care that much about flashlight clicking but the implications of teabagging as an insult annoy me).

As well, as soon as non BMing survivors show they want to farm or they have given up but do want to escape, I let every non BMing survivor that's still alive finish gens, farm, and go (if they ask, if not I'm assuming they want to finish the game normally).

In any event, I finished a game where the first survivor died on the seventh hook and the last died on the twelfth. Normally, I let the last one go but I was using yesterday morning to do Tools of the Trade because of having tons of flan to play. The last survivor to die told me I should chill because it's an event.

To me, however, I do play chill. There was no facecamping, tunneling and while one survivor only has 15K as their base game BP every other survivor was over 20K. I do put on a lot of pressure so I get a chance to play but that's how I like it; everyone getting a chance to play, win or lose with good BP after.

Obviously though the last survivor to die did not think it was chill so that, along with the anniversary discussions, makes me want to ask this: What makes a chill game for you?

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