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I think I’m going to start maining Legion again

DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 3,330

There is no Legion post, now listen to my rant.

I do think I will start playing Legion again, but not until this ridiculous rubberbanding is fixed. Games I lose feel even more frustrating because I often lose to this alone (maybe an exaggeration but it’s still a huge factor), and games I win feel less rewarding because of how much this is happening. It’s occurring with both me and the survivors too- as killer I’ve rubberbanded backwards while looping, and countless times I have nearly downed a survivor only for them to teleport around the corner and drop a pallet on my face. The only good thing about this is the goofy little animation where a survivor runs right through a window or pallet and then vaults over nothing afterwards. Other than that, rubberbanding has ruined nearly all of my games and I hope it gets fixed as soon as possible.

Anyway, Legion is fun again for me and I bought a couple of Joey cosmetics, because he is the best Legion member.


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