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Will we have to buy Susie and Joey's skins separately?

ChiChi Member Posts: 774
edited December 2018 in General Discussions

People in this DBD group are saying that the skins will have to be bought separately from the DLC, is that true?


  • MalakirMalakir Member Posts: 799
    I might be wrong since I'm curious too if this is true but as far as I know you have the default ones which are Susie and the main guy ( I'm bad at names) then there would be other cosmetics for them in the future

    At least that's what I got by the dev stream
  • BoxingRougeBoxingRouge Member Posts: 606
    I think susie and joey will be rare or very rare cosmetics in the store.
  • GhostrickSpecterGhostrickSpecter Member Posts: 460

    Or maybe they only available if you buy the DLC

  • BoxingRougeBoxingRouge Member Posts: 606

    Or maybe they only available if you buy the DLC

    This seems more likely.
  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,301

    I'm curious as well, the hi res video of the outfits on reddit showed bloody appearances, so it's possible we get them by default and they can prestige. It'd make sense to keep a little excitement out of the PTB by hiding them.

  • friendlykillermainfriendlykillermain Member Posts: 3,166

    maybe i hope not most likely we will but they shouldn't be much

  • MojoTheFabulousMojoTheFabulous Member Posts: 1,426

    Without a doubt.

    We're already getting more for the Killer than usual by having 2 full outfits (not counting Prestige) Or it could be almost 2 full outfits because I think they use the same knife. Either way it's still more than what we normally get.

    Plus the "exclusive" for buying the Chapter has already been revealed in the PTB game files and, you guessed it, it's yet another [BAD WORD], low eFFort recolour for 1 Survivor cosmetic.

  • Salty_PearlSalty_Pearl Member Posts: 1,067

    Maybe, they might be very rare outfits. I just hope we can get an unmasked version of everyone.

  • IcemanIceman Member Posts: 1,299
    I hope they have their own voices as well. I want main Joey as The Legion.
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