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Meta Change Will Somehow Make Solo Queue Survivor Even Worse

DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 3,270

Decisive is now completely negligible because of a 3 second stun and deactivating in the endgame

5 seconds of endurance is laughable and Blight, Nurse, Huntress, Trickster, Billy, Hag, Trapper, Spirit, Artist, Deathslinger, Bubba, Clown, and to an extent Pyramid Head and Demo can negate the speed boost. Both of these will make camping and tunneling easier.

10 extra seconds on gens ensures that my solo teammates will NEVER get them done, and because they're going to be running self care they'll be spending eons trying to heal themselves.

Sole Survivor is now more appealing so I already know people are just going to let me die lol

Otherwise, I'm a big fan of the changes. Except for Dead Hard which I'm about to make a whole other post about.

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