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Dev Perk Rework sounds good for Survivors

DBDFreddyKDBDFreddyK Member Posts: 62
edited June 23 in Feedback and Suggestions

HEX: Ruin: To bring Hex: Ruin in line with other perks, we are reducing the regression speed to 50/75/100% from 100/150/200%. This will reduce its power without destroying its primary appeal. After a Survivor is killed, Hex: Ruin will automatically deactivate.

My Thoughts: It was already trash it just gets cleansed in 10-20 seconds and boom perk gone now its even more useless.

Corrupt Intervention: Moving forward, the perk will deactivate once a Survivor enters the dying state. We believe this change will keep Corrupt Intervention effective in helping the Killer build early game pressure, while providing a limit to its power. 

My Thoughts: So when 1 survivor goes down the perk becomes 100% useless? Well it was nice knowing you.

Tinkerer: Tinkerer is a popular choice for the information it provides. Being able to prevent a generator from being powered is a game changer, particularly on Killers with high mobility. It can, however, become a little oppressive when paired with certain regression perks. Therefore, Tinkerer can now only activate once per generator – but with the base charges increased to 90, Killers will have extra time to approach.

My Thoughts: So now it only activates once per generator? They butchered this perk lol.

NOED: This perk makes for a very effective comeback tool, though it falls out of favour in high skill games. We like the way NOED encourages Survivors to pre-emptively cleanse Totems, so we are not looking to weaken its direct strength. Instead, Survivors will now see the Hex Totem’s aura within 4 meters upon activation. This range increases to 24m over the course of 30 seconds. 

My Thoughts: Bro us killer mains was already complaining about Totem placement and now you are just going to let them find it for free? Oh well i never used the perk anyway.

Pain Resonance: The most recent addition to the meta, Pain Resonance allows the Killer to remove a sizable chunk from the most progressed generator simply by hooking a Survivor. A loud noise notification also allows the Killer to disrupt the Survivors before they can continue repairing. A “jack of all trades” of sorts, granting both a powerful regression effect and crucial information. 

With that in mind, we are removing the loud noise notification. Instead of exploding, the affected generator will now spark upon losing progress, and Survivors will no longer scream. We believe this will ensure Pain Resonance remains a strong regression perk while limiting its informational aspect.

My Thoughts: So remove all the information and give us the 15% regression without knowing which gen is being regressed? Great idea lol.

Botany Knowledge: Botany Knowledge now increases healing speed by 30/40/50%, up from 11/22/33%.

My Thoughts: Welcome back old Circle of Healing survivors really missed those insta heals.

Off The Record: Upon being unhooked, gain the Endurance status effect for 60/70/80 seconds. The Endurance effect is lost upon performing a Conspicuous Action. While this is a lengthy Endurance effect, any game-progression action will cancel it prematurely, making it purely for evading the Killer after being unhooked.

My Thoughts: So make BT base kit with a 5 second Endurance, Then give survivors an extra 10 seconds with the new BT turning it into 15 second Endurance, and now Off The Record adds 80 seconds to that? So a 95 second BT? Great idea.

Sole Survivor: In addition to hiding your aura, Sole Survivor will now increase your generator repair speed by 75% and your exit gate and hatch action speed by 50%. These effects are only active when you are the last Survivor standing.

My Thoughts: If you are going against this perk without No Way Out you will never see another 4k lol The exit gate takes 20 seconds to open this perk reduces that by 50% turning it into a 10 second exit gate and Wake Up reduces this by an additional 25% turning the exit gate into a 5 second exit gate lol good luck getting a 4k.

Deja Vu: To help Survivors power the three closest generators, Déjà Vu will now grant a 5% repair speed bonus to the revealed generators.

My Thoughts: Just what we need more gen speed.

Overzealous: In its current state, cleansing a totem grants you a repair speed bonus of 6%/7%/8%. Now, that bonus doubles if you cleanse a Hex totem. 

My Thoughts: Oh cool even more gen speed as if it was not fast enough already. So you add 10 seconds to the gens and make up the difference by increasing gen perks for survivors while nerfing the killers anti gen perks that's cool and don't even try to mention the Thanatophobia buff lol they have to be injured but with the new Botany knowledge the old COH has returned lol.

We're Gonna Live Forever: Additionally, actions that previously granted a token will now activate the perk's secondary effect. While active, healing a Survivor from the dying state grants them the Endurance effect for 6/8/10 seconds. The secondary effect of We're Gonna Live Forever then deactivates.

My Thoughts: LOL! So make BT base kit 5 second Endurance, the new BT adds 10 seconds making that 15 seconds of Endurance, Off The Record adds 80 seconds to that and now We're Gonna Live Forever grants them Endurance for 10 seconds just for getting picked up? on top of Soul Guard? Can anyone say OG Mettle of Man?

So basically gut almost everything that made killers worth using and buff the hell out of almost everything Survivors have? This is going to be bad for low tier killers lol.

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