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Question about Prestige Emblem you get if P3 before the change...

SlowLorisSlowLoris Member Posts: 114

Hi there,

I just have a quick question, Billy is currently my main killer, but I have never felt the need to prestige him. I understand that since I have all perks on him, and have put a lot of points on him that he will automatically hit whatever prestige he would have been if I prestiged him.

I'm a completionist, admittedly, and I want the emblem on him. Right now without a doubt Billy would probably hit like P6 easy off the bat. If I don't prestige him and I just pump a few more BP in him before the change, will I still get the emblem, because I spent enough that it would have easily been P3, or do I have to P3 him and lose all my engravings?

Thanks so much.


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